Green Iguana 0

Green Iguana

The common or green iguana has been gaining popularity as an exotic pet for several years.  Unfortunately, misinformation and naivete about the true needs of this species have led to many sick animals and...

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Geckos 2


Geckos are a very interesting and ornate group of reptiles.Leopard geckos are among the largest, at 8-9 inches, and differ from the rest in many ways.  They have a prominent outer ear, eyelids, and do not...

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Chameleons 0


Chameleons are unique and intriguing lizards.  While not low maintenance reptiles by any means, a small amount of research will prove the difference between a good care provider and an unsuccessful one. A...

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Care of Water Turtles 0

Care of Water Turtles

Avian and Exotic Animal Hospitals of Los Angeles and Orange Counties Richard W. Woerpel, MS, DVM Walter J. Rosskopf, Jr, DVM Introduction Various species of water turtles are kept as pets in the United...

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Captive Care of the Boa Constrictor 0

Captive Care of the Boa Constrictor

Client Handout from the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2001 Husbandry Boas should be housed individually, except during breeding attempts. Enclosures for juvenile boas should...

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Ball Python Care Sheet 1

Ball Python Care Sheet

Scientific Name:  Python regius Common Name:  Ball Python, AKA Royal Python Where are they found?  West and central Africa from Senegal to Uganda, northern Sudan and Ethiopia. Natural Habitat:  Dry brush,...

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Australian Bearded Dragon 0

Australian Bearded Dragon

The Australian Bearded Dragon is one of the best lizards to own as a pet. They develop a very docile nature when handled gently and frequently, are usually very good eaters, and are social animals, which...

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Argentine Horned Frog Care Sheet 0

Argentine Horned Frog Care Sheet

Scientific Name:  Ceratophrys ornate Common Name:  Argentine Horned Frog (AKA Pacman Frog) Where are they found?   South America from Brazil to Argentina Natural Habitat:  Shallow water. Spend a lot of time...

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African Spurred Tortoise Care Sheet 1

African Spurred Tortoise Care Sheet

Scientific Name:  Geochelone sulcata Common Name:  African Spurred Tortoise Where are they found?  Northern Africa: Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, The Sudan, Ethiopia. Natural Habitat:  Hottest,...

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